Working out at BOOST creates friendships on a whole new level.

Working out together builds healthy relationships by supporting each other’s goals, cheering one another on, and celebrating achievements! BOOST Fitness Company prides itself on creating community within the program. We’re always cheering each other on, high-fiving, and keeping a positive attitude throughout the gym. 

Being part of a community with a built-in support system is what makes working out such a healthy part of your day. Most people say their friends here have become their family.

Stay tuned for special BOOST Community events and activities such as cook-outs, in-house competitions, outings and more!


We don’t just hire any old coaches.

These guys share the core values that BOOST Fitness Company is built from. Support, athleticism, positivity, and expertise. Meet your biggest fan.


“Coach Murph” - Sean Murphy, Head Coach/Owner


“Coach T” - Shawn Tierney, Coach